About Eric

Howdy! Welcome to my blog, Eric Explores the World. My name is Eric Men, and I live in Dallas, Texas. On here, I share photos, stories, and trip reports from my travels and adventures across the Lone Star State, America the Beautiful, and the world.

Trying to get the Hong Kong skyline in the shot all the while being squeezed by about 100 other people.

I have been interested in seeing the world ever since I was in my late teens. Well, let’s backtrack a bit. Took my first overseas trip at 18 months old to my family’s country of origin- Taiwan. I don’t remember the journey at all, but Mom said that the passengers all commended me for not crying and fussing during the 12-hour flight. I took it as an early sign of my love for aviation! Fast forward many years, and I ended up going to flight school and obtaining my Commercial Pilot certificate. Currently, I am in the process of building flight time to be an airline pilot. Additionally, I attend the University of Texas at Dallas, working towards my bachelor’s degree in Business.

Above the clouds headed to San Antonio.

Right along with flying, traveling and exploring different places are one of my biggest passions in life. Although private aviation is one of the main factors that has allowed me to see so many places, especially the numerous small and quaint towns that dot Texas, I am also a lover of road trips. No matter what method of transportation you use, traveling the world and crossing destinations off your bucket list is something that is within anyone’s reach with a bit of planning. Travel really can be as economical as it is fun!

Getting #photobombed by the nation’s sixth tallest statue in Tulsa!

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